Awekan Shikshan Samiti Narsinghpur is a state level Society organization Societies Act 1973 dated 16-02-2017 and its registered under M.P. registration number is 04/16/01/18755/17. Its registered head office is located at HN 56, Patel Colony, Sankal Road, Narsinghpur (MP). The entire state of Madhya Pradesh is covered in the operational area of the Awekan Shikshan Samiti Narsinghpur.Awekan Shikshan Samiti Narsinghpur is a representative Institution of Training movement in our different institute of state. It has total of 04 different types of Institute of the state as its members, details of which are as follows:-

1.Ambition Academy Narsinghpur

2. Sony Computer Education Harrai Dist. Chhindwara MP

3- Amit Institute Ujjain MP

4- Bundelkhand Institute Agar Malwa

 As far as day to day functioning of the Awekan shikshan samiti Narsinghpur is concerned it has certain categories of executive officers and non-executive staff, who are mainly as under:-

o Managing Director

o Coordinators

o Principals of Training Centre’s.

o Manager, Lecturers and Instructors.

  • Social transformation beings with a happy and healthy individual who has attained a decent standard of living and has received essential education in health, hygiene, and life skills. Addressing sub-standard housing and sanitation alone cannot result in the long-term eradication of misery nor bring about a fundamental social transformation. Education is essential, particularly education in human values., One the material conditions of living have reached an adequate level, there is a possibility for true human-ness to be expressed in life. A sense of belonging, sharing, non- violence, caring for life, and caring for the planet are among the values that need to be returned. The development of human values is essential to create loving and happy families, cohesive communities, and harmonious relations among all people and nations- a pre-requisite for peace. harmony and well-being on the planet.

 Mission & Vision


Our mission is to empower the skill, education, computer information technology with quality education and training.


 Our vision is to be the  recognized leader in career and workforce development in the skill, education, computer information technology sector of Madhya Pradesh.


  • Organizing various training programs in skill, education, computer information technology and allied sectors with special emphasis on up gradation of computerized knowledge for developing human resources towards the growth and development of the state.
  • To provide a boost to the image of cooperatives through publicity, publication of literature and policy advocacy.
  • To provide training and consultancy in the areas beyond cooperatives too.

We focus on

  • Converting best practices and experiences into resource materials such as process documents, handbooks, and standard operating procedures to improve efficiency and help scale up our work.
  • Analyzing practices, studying impacts, and facilitating debate and critique to make our work more effective.
  • Drawing out broader lessons to facilitate policy dialogue.